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O.D.D.S Forecast APIs#

The O.D.D.S. Forecast APIs include summarized prediction data for a selected league:

American Football

  • NFL (League UUID: 38344248-9889-11eb-a8ab-0647cdb505d0)
  • NCAAFB (League UUID: ce56b551-fa01-11eb-bad0-0647cdb505d0)


  • MLB (League UUID: e988f0c0-9903-11ed-acea-0698037d5bb6)


  • NBA (League UUID: 634e7f95-8209-4846-beb5-cf8555f99237)
  • NCAAM (League UUID: da57437e-4688-4e1c-9bc5-6df2dcab1a14)
  • WNBA (League UUID: 6af61166-a012-11ec-a318-0647cdb505d0)
  • NCAAW (League UUID:6afbd8fe-a012-11ec-a318-0647cdb505d0)


  • NHL (League UUID: c0d29875-73fb-428b-b9a5-43558b407edf)

Use the league query parameter to specify the league uuid you wish to query.

Data can be filtered to individual events, teams or players using the filter query options.

You can use the following interactive documentation to query the API manually using your trial or production API keys.

For more information see the Getting Started guide.


This API provides a summarized result of events predictions, player predictions and injuries, for the next 7 days, as displayed in your O.D.D.S. dashboard. The search API is provided for convenience to replicate the result list found in the dashboard. When integrating our APIs with your system, we recommend using the individual sports data apis which will provide more detail for each item and allow you to better incorporate the results into your system. The sports data APIs provide a wider range of results with additional attributes and details that are not available from this api.