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Platform Release Notes#

Latest Release#


  • NEW rebrand.


  • NEW NFL Seasonal game and player predictions.
  • NEW NFL In-Game quarterly predictions.
  • NEW NFL Content rich O.D.D.S Dashboard event and player cards.
  • UPDATED NFL Player Effect™ v2
  • UPDATED NFL Player First prediction models.


  • NEW Widget Customization
  • NEW NFL Player Effect™ v2 Demo Available


  • FIX NHL Goalie predictions more accurately reflect game performance.
  • FIX Variability in NHL game spreads.
  • NEW WNBA Odds & Markets (Book spread available within 24 hours of game)
  • NEW Player Effect updates
  • NEW Dark theme option.
  • NEW Detailed history of player effect simulations.
  • NEW Which players have been removed from the roster.
  • NEW Which players are added to the roster.
  • NEW Simulated probability outcome of each matchup.
  • NEW ODDS dashboard UI improvements
  • NEW UI for customization of widgets.
  • NEW Shortcut links between various page.
  • NEW Predictions (win/loss, spread, over/under) to Games list.
  • NEW Team roster in On Demand Players & Teams
  • NEW Fullscreen mode for In-game


  • NEW WNBA Event, Player and Rank Predictions.
  • NEW NBA & NHL Player Effect Widgets.


  • FIX O.D.D.S. Dashboard NBA series predictions now display 100% when series is over.
  • FIX Improved NHL wildcard predictions.
  • API and Dashboard performance improvements.


  • NEW Dark theme option for embeddable widgets.
  • FIX O.D.D.S. Dashboard NBA Playoff inconsistencies between overview and details displays.
  • FIX O.D.D.S. Dashboard NBA Playoff Incorrect completion indicator for in-progress series.
  • FIX O.D.D.S. Dashboard NBA Playoff Updated prediction display to address rounding inconsistency.
  • FIX O.D.D.S. Dashboard Team summary displays 1 game remaining after season is complete.

Add Ons#

  • NEW ADD-ON Player Predictions with ODDS & Markets API.


  • NEW O.D.D.S. Dashboard NBA Playoff interfaces.


  • NEW O.D.D.S. Dashboard NCAAMB March Madness interface.


  • NEW O.D.D.S. Dashboard NCAAMB Conference Tournament interfaces.
  • NEW Probabilities widget.
  • NEW NCAAMB Playoff Bracket Interface and Predictions.
  • NEW NCAAMB Conference Tournament Predictions.


  • NEW BETA O.D.D.S. Dashboard Injury Affect.
  • BETA Updated Live In-Game predictions.