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Hockey APIs#

The Hockey APIs include data for the following leagues:

  • NHL (League UUID: c0d29875-73fb-428b-b9a5-43558b407edf)

Be sure you read the Getting Started guide for access to the apis.

Your API connection is secured by an API key. This key is secret and must not be shared with external parties or users. Always check to be sure the code you write does not inadvertently expose your API key.


The API key is a secret key associated with your account. Do not share it or expose it in public web pages. Doing so would allow anyone to make queries as if they were you. If you think your API key may have been compromised, contact your Quarter4 Account representative immediately to disable your current key and receive a new key.

To load data and distribute it to your users, you must:

  1. Query the Quarter4 API on a server-to-server layer of your application,
  2. store the result in a local database or similar storage system,
  3. and then send information to your users as they request it.


Please review the full Integration Guide to understand how to best formulate your queries and optimize requests.

Interactive Hockey Documentation#

The openAPI v3 spec is available here:

You can use the following interactive documentation to query the API manually using your trial or production API keys.