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Quarter4 REST APIs#

Quarter4 offers a number of APIs across several sports these including American Football, Basketball and Hockey.

Data APIs#

All API responses use the JSON:API format and accept the count, page as well as additional sorting and filtering options. Please see the Getting Started guide for details on connecting and consuming the information in your applications and review the individual API specs below for details on each call.

American Football Data & Prediction API#

American Football includes data and prediction apis for NFL and NCAA.

Basketball Data & Prediction API#

Basketball includes data and prediction apis for NBA and Men's NCAA.

Hockey Data & Prediction API#

Hockey includes data and prediction apis for NHL.

O.D.D.S Forecast API#

Includes prediction feeds for the items listed in the O.D.D.S Forecast dashboard (for all leagues).

In-Game APIs#


Quarter4's In-game predictions use the power of our AI to give predicted outcomes on a play-by-play level, for each available game. Be among the first to experience our In-game next generation prediction model and help us make it better.

Our In-Game APIs use the v4 libraries to allow connections via WebSocket, or if not possible, fall back to HTTP long-polling. If the connection is lost, the client will automatically try to reconnect. For an example of setting up a basic socket connection using

Checkout the In-Game Quick Start guide here